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Everything has a beginning . . . . either inspired by a dream, someone, something or a deep passion for change.  The evolution of the Southern Maryland Chapter (SMC) of Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated (TLOD) is no different.  

On July 7, 2012, Lady Francine B. Jarvis, the National Area II TLOD Director, met with  Lady Janet Simmons, a charter member of the Dale City-Prince William County (DC-PMC) Chapter of TLOD at the

Charter Members of the Southern Maryland Chapter

Inducted on November 2, 2012

Lady Janet Simmons

Chapter Organizer

Westin Hotel in Alexandria, VA.  Lady Janet Simmons, a resident of Charles County Maryland, had previously discussed the need for a chapter in the Southern Maryland area with Lady Francine, several National and local TLOD leaders.  They committed to supporting the execution of this vision. ​ The purpose of the meeting was to follow-up on this initiative.

After the meeting, Lady Janet Simmons called an impromptu meeting on July 8th with Lady Charlene Bishop, a Charles County resident and charter member of the DC-PWC Chapter of TLOD, and candidates Cynthia Mason-Posey and Ursula D. Williams at the local Panera Bread in Waldorf, Maryland.  They met for hours and concluded that there was enough interest and a need for the Chapter in Southern Maryland.  

Each attendee along with Lady Angela Bouknight, a Charles County resident and DC-PWC charter member, TLOD Chapter Presidents (Lady Sandra Clark – DC-PWC Chapter and Lady Jackie Wilcher – Prince George’s County Chapter) reached out to at least ten of their family members, friends and colleagues to inform them of the future chartering to determine interest.

The timeline for interest meetings was established, with the goal of chartering the Chapter during the Area II annual conference during November 1-4, 2012.  The chartering dream became a reality when on November 2, 2012, at the Area II Conference, at the Westin Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.  Fourteen (14) Ladies were inducted into TLOD as charter members of the Southern Maryland Chapter (SMCTLOD).  Lady Ursula Williams served as the 1st SMC TLOD Chapter President.  SMC is the third chapter to be chartered in the state of Maryland, after the Baltimore and Prince George’s County Chapters. 

Lady Ursula Williams

First Chapter TLOD President

Charter Members of the Southern Maryland Chapter

Inducted on January 12, 2013

The Top Teens program is the #1 national thrust of TLOD. SMC was required to induct at least 10 teens within 90 days.  Lady Angela Thompson, served as the 1st Chapter TTA Advisor. Ladies Diedra Alexander, Ernestine Diggs and  Simone Posey served as the 1st Chapter TTA Assistant Advisors. 

They recruited teens and hosted 3 interest meetings with the first being on Saturday, December 2, 2012 held at the Dance Depot in Waldorf, Maryland. Ten candidates expressed an interest in joining TTA. 


Lady Angela Thompson

First Chapter TTA Advisor

A second interest  meeting was held at the Waldorf West Library in Waldorf, Maryland on December 4, 2012, where three (3) interested candidates attended. The final interest meeting was held on December 8, 2012, at the Waldorf West Library, where 13 interested candidates attended. 


A total of 20 energetic, sharp and motivated candidates submitted applications for TTA membership, with an expressed interest in serving the Southern Maryland community and becoming members of the Southern Maryland Chapter of TTA.  All 20 Teens were unanimously accepted to be inducted on January 12, 2013. 


Teen Garrison Cockum served as the 1st Chapter TTA President.

Garrison Cockrum.JPG

Ambassador Garrison Cockrum

First Chapter TTA President

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