Executive Board



Lady Melba Ford

Teen Jamie Davis

TTA Advisor

Lady Michele Bell

1st Vice Presidents

Lady Miriam 'Cookie' Matthews

Teen Caleb Wiggins

2nd Vice Presidents

Lady Alicia Dawson

Teen D'Shaun Tyler


Recording Secretary

Lady Lisa Adams

Teen Ericka Brown


Lady Sylvia Anderson

Teen Kevin Presley

Financial Secretary

Lady Michele Murphy

Lady Karliesha Dorsey (Asst)

Teen LaKayla James

Correspondence Secretary

Lady Ernestine Diggs

Teen Nia Jenkins-Peiza

Teen Nina Harris (Asst)


Lady Teresa Gonzales

Teen Gabrielle Moore

"We pledged to serve youth and adults!"


Lady Anissa Saunders

Teen Kamari Johnson


Lady Lauren Simmons

Teen Niani Randall


Lady Yvette Presley

Teen Nick Scott


Lady Michele Murphy

Teen D'Shaun Tyler

Ways and Means

Lady Natalie Bennett


Lady Ursula Williams

Social Activities

Lady Diedra Alexander

Director of Operations

Lady Angela Thompson

Teen LaMaree James



Lady Janet Simmons


Pink - Top Lady

Blue - Top Teen

Top Teens of America

Our Teens are our No. 1 priority.  We take pride in being part of their village that  strengthens their resolve in becoming more productive citizens through positive cultural, educational anl Leadership experiences.

TTA Advisor


Lady Michele Bell

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